Who can use the YE Learning Zone?

There are three different user profiles for the platform – a school admin, a teacher and a student. Once your school admin profile is set up, you will have the most control over how the platform is used by your school. It is up to your school who opts to be the school admin.

A list of what each profile can and can’t do is detailed below:

School Admin profile

  • Can add as many teachers as is needed
  • Can directly purchase student accounts
  • Can create classes and assign teachers to these classes
  • Can add info about the school to the school homepage
  • Can give students their login details and change student passwords if needed
  • Can check reports for all classes

A school admin profile will be needed for every school. Only one admin account is available per school.

Teacher profile

  • Can add students to their assigned class/es
  • Can give students their login details and change student passwords if needed
  • Can check reports for their classes

Student profile

  • Can complete courses
  • Can check their own progress for each course
  • Can download course completion certificate

How do I register and pay for the online courses for the first time?

  • From the main page, click ‘Courses’
  • Select the course you would like to buy
  • Enter the number of student accounts required – each student taking part in the programme should have their own individual account.
  • This will take you to a registration page. Enter your name, email address and set a password, then select your type of organisation.
  • Following this, you should also select the year group/s that will participate in the course, as well as the academic year you are purchasing the course for. (Note: All student accounts will expire at the end of the academic year that is chosen at the point of registration.)
  • As part of programme, Young Enterprise offers schools the opportunity to have a live volunteer interaction. If you do not want a live volunteer interaction for your school then you should check this box.
  • On the next screen, schools that are entitled to a discount can enter their discount coupon code, as provided by your local Young Enterprise representative. This will automatically subtract the discount from the full price, shown on the right side.
  • Following this, the student accounts can be paid for using a debit/credit card or by requesting an invoice for orders over £100. If paying by invoice, this will be sent to you by our finance team in due course. If you are making a purchase for over 1000 student accounts, you will be contacted by a member of the YE team to complete the transaction.

Admin/Teacher Accounts

How do I add teachers to my school/organisation’s account?

Admin users should first add teachers to their account by clicking on ‘My School’ in the toolbar and selecting ‘Teachers’. Multiple teachers can be added here. An email will then be sent to each teacher/s added with their login details, and a login link.

You will also need to allocate classes to your teachers, as this will make the process of allocating students far simpler later on. To do this, go to the ‘Classes List’ beneath ‘Students List’ to add your classes, ensuring you enter the class linked to the teacher (e.g. ‘7B’ for Jeff Brown), ensuring you save before moving on.


What if a teacher/school admin forgets their password?

Teachers can reset their password at any time by clicking the ‘Forgot Password’ button on the login page. This will generate an email with a reset link for the teacher to access.

Who do I contact if I am having problems?

Both teachers and students can access a support form situated in the 'Profile' area, underneath the 'Change Password' form. From this, users can easily select the type of issue they are experiencing from the dropdown menu. We encourage all users to be clear in their description, and to provide a screenshot if necessary.  

If you do not receive a response, or if the type of issue you're experiencing isn't listed, please contact programmes.support@y-e.org.uk. Please ensure you include details of the issue, your school name, the student username/s (if needed) and screenshots if possible. We will aim to respond to your query or issue as soon as possible.

Student Accounts

How to I add students to my school/organisation’s account?

A school admin OR a teacher can add students to their accounts.

  • School admins can add teachers and allocate classes and students to the teachers.
  • Teachers can only add students to their own class, which will have been set up by the school admin when you set up the teacher’s profile.

To upload a class in bulk, you will need to download the CSV template and add in the first name and surnames of the students. You can do this by clicking on ‘Download student CSV template’ above the Students List. Once downloaded you can open the file and begin adding names. You will need to start adding names from the second row. Please do not delete the first row.

To complete the process, click on the ‘Import Students’ button and select the CSV to upload. Select the year group, class name and course from the drop-down menus. It is important that you enter the same class name as the teacher you intend to link the class to – e.g. ‘7B’ for Jeff Brown. The platform will recognise the name and automatically link the class to the teacher you registered earlier.

Students can also be added individually by clicking ‘Add New’ and entering the student’s details. Remember to select the appropriate course box on the right, to ensure the student has access to the relevant course.

After this, your student login information will be available to download by clicking on the orange ‘Excel’ button in the bottom left corner. Passwords will be set to the default Change.me1 at first, then the students will be prompted to change this when they first login.



What if a student loses or forgets their password?

Teachers and school admins can reset students’ password at any time by clicking the ‘edit’ button next to the student’s name in the ‘Students List’ area. Their password will automatically be reset to Change.me1 after you click on ‘Reset Password’. When students log in again they will be prompted to change their password.

How do I monitor my students’ progress?

Both teachers and school admins can monitor progress – however, school admins will have access to whole school monitoring data, whereas teachers will only have access to the class which has been allocated to them. To access this, click on ‘Reports’ from the homepage. A full report can also be downloaded by clicking on the ‘Excel’ button in the bottom left corner.


My students are experiencing problems logging in. What should I do?

Firstly, double check that the username they are entering is correct and they are entering the password correctly – this is always Change.me1 to start. If the student has changed their password and forgotten it then you can change it back to the standard password at any time. See instructions in “What is a student loses or forget their password?” section above.

Sometimes the students haven’t been allocated to a class or teacher by mistake – students allocated to teachers should appear on their ‘Students List’. To fix this you can add the student individually by clicking ‘Add New’ in the students’ area, ensuring they allocate them to the correct class and teacher in the process.

It is also possible that the students have been allocated to the wrong course in the sign-up process. The admin who has registered them can go back and amend this by deleting the student from the Students List and adding them again, ensuring that they tick the correct course on the ‘Student Details’ page before selecting save.

If the issue persists, please contact please contact your local AM or, if you’re not in touch with one, programmes.support@y-e.org.uk labelling your email as urgent, providing your school/organisation’s name and the students’ username/s.

Students are complaining that their work isn’t saving. What should I advise?

Firstly, check that the students are following the correct process for every unit. Sometimes students may accidentally skip the ‘Save my Progress’ button at the end of the unit, and risk losing their work.

The process is:

  • Student clicks ‘Save my Progress’ button at the end of each unit.
  • They have completed the unit fully when an orange tick appears next to all sections in the side menu including the ‘Reflect’ section. ‘100% complete’ will also be shown below the unit title in the side menu.
  • To return to the main unit page student clicks ‘Back to Units’ at the top of the page
  • Once at the main unit page a green tick will appear to show students they have completed that unit.

If students leave the course open for a long time without saving, the system will go dormant. They will need to log back in again and ensure they save work if they intend to leave the course for a while.

If the issues are still arising, please contact your local AM or, if you’re not in touch with one, programmes.support@y-e.org.uk labelling your email as urgent, providing your school/organisation’s name, the students’ usernames and (if possible) the application/s students are using to complete the course (e.g. a phone or ‘Google Chrome’ browser).

How do my students download their certificate?

Certificates will become available only once the student has completed the course overview, all five units and the end of course survey. Once all this is complete, the certificate will appear as a downloadable PDF at the top of the course page.


Can I purchase additional accounts?

Yes, the school admin can purchase additional accounts at any time by hovering over ‘Courses’ in the top menu, then clicking on the ‘Subscriptions’ dropdown. After clicking on the ‘Purchase Course’ button you will be taken through the same payment process as during registration.